About Us

  • At DOTMOM, we aim for easy, safe & smart parenting.
  • We are safety-inspired smart parenting company providing world class safety in all our products.
  • Our products are designed to be loved for smart mamas+papas!

What makes us Unique? Easy, Safe and Smart

  1. Easy: We make sure the products are not complicated to assemble plus it is available widely so that all the DOT-MOMS who shops online gets it at their doorsteps because we know how busy moms might be taking caring of their babies.
  2. Safe: All our products are laboratory tested and certified. Yes, we are proud to say that we make 100% Organic Bamboo material which has several health benefits unlike cotton. Moreover, through out the production, no chemicals are used. It is as clean as it feels. You will want to Chew it.
  3. Smart: We have Space Management Scientists who designs smart and portable baby gears not only when folded occupies 20% of the unfolded space but also travel friendly. Take DOTMOM baby products with your baby when you travel. 

Brand Story: It is very important to choose the best for babies since they have highly sensitive body and skins. It is very sad to see most of the babies do not get what they deserve. We have decided to treat every babies a DOT-MOM baby and promise to manufacture only what is best for them. Safety being our first concerned, we make sure our our products are Easy and Smart too. 

Brand Vision: Convert moms into DOT-MOMS. Giving the best to babies, no matter what.

Brand Inspiration & Promise: It is very difficult to find all three ingredients that makes a baby product perfect, “Easy, Safe & Smart”. If it is Smart, safety is compromised while if it is easy and safe, it is not smart. We formed a team with Space Managers, Farmers, Researchers and Supply Chain Specialists after getting reviews from thousand of moms and papas worldwide. And guess what! We did it. You will find all the DOTMOM products are Easy, Safe & Smart to use. Making only what is best for babies.